AzSentinel – Version 0.6.13

Please update to version 0.6.13 because of a bug in version 0.6.12

Version 0.6.13 is available in PowerShell Gallery with the new Export-AzSentinel function. You can use this function to export Scheduled, Hunting and Template rules from Azure Sentinel in the correct JSON format. See below for more info and overview of other new features and bug fixes.



Get-AzSentinelAlertRule function includes updates and new features described below:

  • You can use the SkipPlaybook switch to only return the Rule properties, this speeds up the return process
  • Updated the API version
  • Updated the foreach loop for better performance and error handling
  • Playbook is now returned for all type of scheduled rules

Overview of closed issues/Feature requests:

  • Remove the If statement from Get-AzSentinelAlertRule #123 (Thanks for feedback Thijs)
  • change to enum and convert to string array in New-AzSentinelAlertRule #120 (Thanks for feedback Javier)
  • “requiredDataConnectors” not populating #113 (Thanks for feedback Edi)
  • Feature Request: Abilitiy to save a scheduled rule into a json file that is compatible with AzSentinel schema #109 (Thanks for feedback Mehmet)

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