Azure Sentinel PowerShell Module

“Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM that provides intelligent security analytics for your entire enterprise at cloud scale. Get limitless cloud speed and scale to help focus on what really matters. Easily collect data from all your cloud or on-premises assets, Office 365, Azure resources, and other clouds. Effectively detect threats with built-in machine learning from Microsoft’s security analytics experts. Automate threat response, using built-in orchestration and automation playbooks.” read more

Rules in Azure Sentinel create the basic logic on which Incidents get created. Currently the only way to add, change or delete rules is through the Azure portal. As we’re running a cloud Security Operations Center at Wortell with many customers connected, doing this manually is no option for us.

PowerShell Module

At the moment there is no documented API, ARM or PowerShell module to configure Azure Sentinel. After doing some research we were able to find the API’s that are currently being used by the Azure Portal and based on that we’ve written a PowerShell module to manage Azure Sentinel through PowerShell. (more…)

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Import thumbnailphoto in AD from jpg

The script below will import Jpg file as a thumbnail photo in Active Directory $username = "p01001" $jpgfile = "C:\PICTURE.jpg" $dom = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Domain]::GetCurrentDomain() $root = $dom.GetDirectoryEntry() $search = [System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher]$root $search.Filter =…

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Creating and using Password Hashes and Secure Strings with Powershell

This is how you can generate a Secure String with powershell and use it in your scripts secureString = Read-Host -AsSecureString ConvertFrom-SecureString $secureString | out-file c:\temp\encrypted.txt $newString = gc C:\temp\encrypted.txt | ConvertTo-SecureString…

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