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Disable Office 2016 – First things first Prompt

When you first launch Office Click to Run or Office 2016, you will get a First things first dialog box come up like below. Users will always click accept, what other choice do they have?

You can  disable this by configuring the below Registry key:


Disable Office 2016 Default File Types Dialog

Another thing I disable on my desktop builds is the Office 2016 Default File Types prompt as shown below. Normal users will not understand what it means. All they will do is ask questions.

Use the registry key below to stop it appearing :



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  1. TELLIER Bertrand

    for the cathegory “Disable Office 2016 Default File Types Dialog”, I agree with you for the key.
    But i don’t know how create an automatization for change this key.

    When I execute a batch file for to change, and i open word application (for example), the prompt does not appear, but when a new user log on the key is at “0”.

    Have you an idea for me?

    1. pkhabazi


      Have you tried using a GPO to set the registry key for new and existing users? Another option would be to change the “default user” register settings instead of “current user”

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