Disable F12 confirmation at PXE boot into WinPE

When you are performing a PXE boot, most of the time you need to press F12 to trigger the PXE boot action. Then after connection is initiated with the PXE server, the boot rom image asks for the F12 key to be pressed again. If the key is not pressed, the machine will continue to boot normally into the installed OS (if available). This can be confusing for some Admins because they except the client to boot through to the Boot image, or maybe they want to create a fully automated OSD Deployment. Continue reading “Disable F12 confirmation at PXE boot into WinPE”

Unlocking ConfigMgr Objects

here is what you need to do when you get the error blow in SCCM2012 console:
“Cannot edit the object, which is in use by ‘’ at Site ‘’.”

This happened as the result of the ConfigMgr console crashing while he had the object open.

To resolve this issue connect with sql management studio to the SQL server where the database is running and then execute the code below:

The query above will get you a list of possible locks on the dB, with the code below you can remove the lock:

Once the record is removed, you should be able to modify the object.

SCCM 2012 client fails to install Windows 10 Build 10049

When testing the latest Build of Windows 10 I got an error installing the Configuration Manager 2012 R2 client, it fails installing the Windows Update agent with the following error in the CCMSetup.log file.

“File ‘C:WINDOWSccmsetupWindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe’ returned failure exit code 775. Fail the installation.”

Continue reading “SCCM 2012 client fails to install Windows 10 Build 10049”

P2V using SCVMM error’s because of disk space requirement

While performing a P2V with SCVMM 2012 I got the following error message:

There is not enough disk space on the available volumes.
Maximum disk space on the most appropriate volume, accounting for the host resource utilization  (in megabytes): 103450
The virtual machine requirement (in megabytes): 744776
The maximum available space at the time of evaluation, after considering the virtual machine requirements (in megabytes): 103450
ID: 3501 Continue reading “P2V using SCVMM error’s because of disk space requirement”